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Getting Herbgrind

We don't have any binary builds available, but it should be easy to install it. Herbgrind currently primarily supports 64-bit Linux, but 32-bit might also work, and theres some work in progress to also support OSX.

Installing Herbgrind requires that you have the GNU C Compiler, M4, Automake 1.15, Autoconf, Python 3, Git, and Subversion installed. The first five are probably already installed on your Linux installation, and if not should be available in your package manager, although some older builds might not have a new enough version of Automake.

Herbgrind also builds on Valgrind, GMP, GNU MPFR, and OpenLibm, but these are included in the release and don't need to be separately downloaded.

Once you have the prerequisites installed, you can run:

git clone

to download the source code, and put it in a directory called "herbgrind" in the current working directory. From there, you should just be able to run:

cd herbgrind; make

to build it, and

 herbgrind-path/valgrind/herbgrind-install/bin/valgrind --tool=herbgrind path-to-client-binary

to run it. Please email me with any problems you have.

You can get find out more about Herbgrind's various options by running

 herbgrind-path/valgrind/herbgrind-install/bin/valgrind --tool=herbgrind --help


 herbgrind-path/valgrind/herbgrind-install/bin/valgrind --tool=herbgrind --debug-help